Whistleblower Channel
Commited to Ethics and Legal Compliance

The aim of this channel is that any person, organisation or interest group can report and/or communicate any conduct or behaviour contrary to current legislation, irregular or unethical or inappropriate by any IBERCONSA employee, professional, representative or collaborator.

The management of the channel has been entrusted to an independent third party outside the organisation (SMC COMPLIANCE) in order to provide the Whistleblower Channel with maximum transparency, impartiality and confidentiality in the reception and processing of complaints.

The design and development of the Whistleblower Channel has been carried out taking into account the national and EU regulations on this matter, so that the complaints submitted through this channel can be made completely anonymously and without the need for any identification. Nevertheless, for the sake of a more exhaustive analysis of the issue, it is recommended that you identify yourself in order to be able to contact the complainant and gather all the information necessary to continue with the procedure established for this purpose. In any case, even if you decide to identify yourself, the external manager of the Whistleblower Channel will never inform the organisation or provide any information that could reveal your identity.

We would be grateful if you could provide us with any details (dates, names, places, etc.) that may assist in a possible internal investigation process in order to have as much evidence as possible.

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